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Babyfoot: Acid Foot Peeling from Japan

7 December 2009 3 Comments

BabyFootI love weird things.  Weird looking creatures, weird TV shows, weird beauty products, anything bizarre and unusual gets me twitching.  You can imagine my squeal of delight when I discovered the new craze product to be sweeping across Japan and Taiwan, home acid foot-peeling, which you may have seen the ads for on the MTR.  The product claims to ‘baby your foot naturally’, (FYI I love bad translations) by donning rather attractive plastic socks containing a rather scary acid solution.  Over a period of a week, your feet are supposed to shed an entire layer of skin, to reveal the very same skin you had on your feet they day you were born.  The company website is full of absolutely shocking photos of feet literally peeling off a complete layer of skin off the soles of feet.  It is utterly disgusting, and I was immediately intrigued.  Testimonials on the site describe husbands peeling off sheets of skin with glee, and piling it on newspaper to show guests at dinner parties  Only in Japan!  I have guests coming over next weekend, so I might not be serving Parmesan with the Spaghetti bolognaise.

My poor little feet have taken quite a pounding lately, and are in desperate need for a good pedicure, so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to see if this bizarre product works.  I kept a diary of its progress.

Day 1Attractive Babyfoot 'socks'

After removing my toenail varnish, I cut the tops off the plastic bag socks and placed them over my feet.  I then taped them completely shut.  It felt really odd, like walking through muddy puddles.  I have to say I felt a bit apprehensive.  Given that I am quite partial to my feet, I’m starting to worry that they might fall off.  After an hour my feet started to sting a little, but I think that’s normal, they are sitting in bags of acid after all.  Mental note, do not leave on for longer than 2 hours, as your feet might actually burn off..


My feet after 6 daysDay 2,3,4,5
I completely forgot about it, had a little look on Sunday, and actually decided that it didn’t work

Day 6

OMG IM DYING!  I just had a good soak in the bath, and it must have triggered something.  I think I’m a leper.  My feet are shedding so much skin, that i think they might bleed!  I look like Shrek in a snow globe.  Not happy but grotesquely intreagued.  I have been told not to pick or peel (OH COME ON! TRY NOT POPPING A PIMPLE ON THE END OF YOUR NOSE!), so far I have resisted, My feet after 6 daysapart a little satisfying rip of my heel.  I am going to put socks on before The Boy comes home, I don’t want to scare him off buying me Louboutins forever!  I’m actually rather worried,  I’m off to Phuket on Friday and I don’t fancy leaving a skin trail wherever I go.  Thank god its freezing here so I can wear my Uggs!

Day 7

I wore socks all night last night as I didn’t fancy shedding skin onto my bedsheets, I get the feeling that would be bed-bug heaven!  When I removed the now extremely cruddy socks, my feet were starting to look a lot more normal underneath.  A lot of the skin had My feet after 6 daysfallen off on my heel and sole, but there were still nasty flakey bits in between and around my toes, and also around the side of my feet.  I’m off tonight on holiday, and I’m starting to think that this was an extremely bad idea to do just before a beach trip.  I couldn’t bring myself to go for a pedicure, I was too embarrassed, so I painted my toes the best I could myself, but with feet that look like that have a serious case of eczema, they just look crusty and disgusting.  I want to cry.

Day 8

Before I hit this beach this morning I gave my feet a really good Japanese Testimonialscrub.  As per the instructions, Ive been washing them, but not scrubbing, or yanking any of the skin off.  I get the impression that if you peel off skin that isn’t ready to fall off naturally, you could do yourself some damage, but now I think that may have been the way forward.  Most of the remaining flakes came off, and they actually feel really soft and don’t look that bad.  The last remaining bits of the ‘old me’ were stuck hard around my cuticles, so I decided to leave them to see how the sand and surf tackle them.  I am happy to say that by the end of day 8, the process seems to be complete, and my feet look and feel lovely.

Japanese TestimonialA Week Later

Being a lover of gruesome things, I actually enjoyed the process of ‘peeling my feet’, it was horrible but brilliant.  I do however question its effectiveness.  Yes,  it did peel off the aging layers of skin on my feet, but I’m not sure if a good pedicure and a pumice stone would have had the same effect.  Also the really hard bits, such as under the big toe joint still needs to have the skin removed, and I think only a blade would remove that.  As it is winter, and I could cover my feet up daily, then it was fine, but I would have been mortified in the summer, as it really is disgusting.  But it might Japanese Testimonialmake people give you a seat on the MTR though, as they wouldn’t want to catch whatever it is that you have!

I have never had a pedicure that removes the skin from between my toes and all around my entire feet, so for that part then it did reach parts the usual procedures can’t.   It is recommended to repeat every 2-3 months, and I probably will do it again.  Next time I would give them a light scrub after a few days, and wear socks and not expect miracles.  My feet were very soft after, but no more than after a very good pedicure, which also gets rid if the really hard parts.   I won’t be serving up my shavings at dinner parties though, unless I never want guests over again. On second thoughts….

Babyfoot is available at Watsons and costs $178


Please note: the last three photos are customer shots from the babyfoot website.  All the previous photos are of my feet (yuk!)

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  • Eyespy said:

    Glad I saw this. I was sincerely tempted to try but am questioning the horrible aftermath.. Point taken!

  • shentel said:

    Darling…. your such a sport… WOW is all I can say, GROSS and cool at the same time. So want to try it!!!

  • Viviane Rochel said:

    I just bought it for 71.00 dollars (shipping included) from the baby foot web site.

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